Our Aim is to help you become a safe and confident Driver.

About Regent School Of Motoring.

Restoring driver’s confidence and teaching the youth driving skills is something that I enjoy most about being a driving instructor. I started my career in the Royal New Zealand Air Force as a chef in 1969 and left 27 years later to be employed in the inter-island line as an onboard manager, leaving 6 years later to work on super yachts in America for 7 years. I’ve always enjoyed driving and I have been holding my driver’s license for 43 years. I am a member of the New Zealand Institute of Driving Educators and I am always very willing to pass on my knowledge and enthusiasm to others. It is really rewarding when you see the excitement on people’s faces when they gain their license, it is equally enjoyable to be able to help the older generation to gain more confidence with today’s fast moving world. Being experienced and with loads of patience it is a very satisfactory position to be involved in. I offer driving instruction covering all ages and license grades. Book a lesson now to get Driving Skills for Life!

nz Institute of Driver Instractor